Kindle Lighted Cover

Have you recently purchased a Kindle from Amazon and need a lighted cover?

kindle lighted cover

Welcome to Kindle Lighted Cover, where we guide you along to help you find the right Kindle Lighted Cover for your Kindle.

The Kindle Lighted Cover seamlessly incorporates a reading light into the cover, so you can carry your Kindle wherever you go and always have a reading light with you.

The actual light is powered by the Kindle itself by two gold-plated hinge points clipping the cover and Kindle together which does not reduce the battery life.

When you don’t need the light, the retractable LED light seamlessly slides into the top right-hand corner of the case and automatically turns off.

Amazon now has a dedicated page where you can see a Full List of Available Kindle Covers and Sleeves because there are so many different versions made. They have done this to ensure customers order the correct lighted cover for their unit.

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